Our Passion

When Hope Roots,

People Rise!

Since the 1960s, years of urban decay, increasing violence,and unmitigated poverty have taken a toll on the east side of Kansas City, as you can see in its physical neighborhoods and you can read i n the headlines about its residents.

But a toll is temporary. And east siders are resilient, persistent, and insistent, ever-reliant on their faith, community, and family.

In the physical midst of that faith-filled perseverance, an agency began in September 1998, growing out of regular meetings of a caring group of adult volunteers and future-focused teenagers who wanted to contribute to their community, their families, and their God. The hope they found in those meetings became the name they gave to their new nonprofit community development agency.

Over the last 20 years, The Hope Center has planted roots on the east side so that east siders are rooted in hope. Because when hope roots, people rise.

What began as a grassroots effort is now two decades and 1,500 families strong, thanks in large part to private philanthropic support. Taking holistic care of the body, mind, and spirit, The Hope Center launched both The Hope Clinic – the only primary care facility in three zip codes – in 2010, and Hope Leadership Academy, a K-4 charter school – the neighborhood’s only elementary school – in 2011. Today, both entities are independent nonprofit organizations continuing to serve the east side.

Together with partners and donors like you, we keep an eye on the physical and human assets in the community; a heart on one another; and a head on rising up, intellectually and spiritually through outreach and programs focused on youth, adults, families, and community.

Entering its 20th full year of operations, The Hope Center mission remains, “to develop healthy communities in Kansas City where the vulnerable can have hope and flourish.” Growth plans ahead include a new playground area to serve the campus and the community; extension of the Community Garden located at Benton & Prospect; continued property development; and – targeted over the next decade of service to the east side – an affordable housing initiative and a vision to renovate the existing church building into a community gathering and events center. And you’re invited to be a part of this transformation through your financial investment to support these efforts.

Through our work together, the east side will flourish, not flounder. Though the east side may be vulnerable, it will also be victorious. And where we find hope, we will find unlimited potential and possibility.

The east side. The Hope Center.


Individual, Family, and Community Development