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S.A.Y. Yes!

Acronym for “Save America’s Youth Yes!”


Mondays - Thursdays | 3:30 - 6pm


S.A.Y. Yes! provides structured opportunities for children to create positive self-identity, understand social and cultural competencies and foster positive values.


Faith-Based Character Development


Tuesdays and Wednesdays | 5:30 - 8 pm

Guided activities support personal character and citizenship development through a variety of interactive lessons focused on compassion and conviction, personal empowerment, and restraint and resistance to negative peer pressure.

Jr. Leaders-In-Training

Personal Responsibility and Conduct


Tuesdays and Wednesdays | 5:30 - 8pm


Lessons include conflict resolution skills, constructive use of free time, boundaries (rules and consequences), and expectations for personal responsibility and conduct. Service projects teach community responsibility and neighborhood pride.


Positive Values and Effective Communication


Tuesdays and Wednesdays | 5:30 - 8 pm


A continuation of Jr LIT. Lesson plans continues the re-enforcement of positive values and encourage family communications and parent/caregiver involvement. Structured activities promote service learning, time management, vocational and career, seminars, personal engagement and motivation.

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Summer Camp

For ages 13-19


Our summer camp experience offers reinforcement of character and leadership development, as well as connection to other urban youth outside of KC.


Kids Across America (KAA) in Branson, Missouri, is a faith-and sports-based camp specifically designed for urban youth, utilizing a spiritual framework empirically proven to enhance resiliency and self-confidence for youth from poverty-stricken neighborhoods.


Learn to Earn

Learn to Earn is a life-skill program where our youth can learn landscaping skills (mowing, trimming, planting, and maintaining). The youth gain work ethics and experience, receive pay and learn how to market, plan, schedule and grow in personal responsibilities. Taking care of all the Hope Center properties and having various community clients, including but not limited to community senior citizens and local church property.

Daughters of the King

Daughters of The King, our annual Mother’s Day Brunch, is a time to honor our mothers. It’s an intimate time for daughters to say thank you to their moms, grandmothers and mother figures for their faithfulness, hard work, dedication and love. To all those who have been mothers, have lost their mothers, or have the opportunity to celebrate their mother presently - we salute and cherish you all. We can’t wait to celebrate more moms in this upcoming program year!

Men's Fraternity

For age 18 and over

Designed for men in the community to come together and lift each other up with fellowship and accountability.


Led by The Hope Center male staff, this group focuses on biblical manhood.


Hope Family Care Center

A faith-based family medical practice

Founded by The Hope Center in 2009, Hope Family Care Center provides quality primary healthcare in Kansas City's east side. All patients are welcome, including the uninsured, insured, Medicaid, or Medicare.

We hope to partner with and empower all patients in their healthcare, which is exemplified by the provision of an affordable sliding scale fee for the uninsured.


HFCC is committed to providing culturally competent care, while continuing to develop a diverse board and staff. HFCC was recently designated as a National Health Service Corps approved site.

Benton Community Garden

Community gardens are often known for their pleasing aesthetics and therapeutic properties. The Benton Community Garden is no exception. Brimming with sweet fruit, crisp vegetables and beautiful flowers - especially during peak seasons - this peaceful and attractive garden is intended to provide great blessing to the people of the community.


Raised planter beds have been placed in the garden’s center circle filled with native and climate adaptive plants that are low-maintenance and require little water once established.


For our neighbors personal plots within the garden a rainwater capture system, in addition to a 2500 gallon underground water tank and a lovely double-action hand pump have been provided for keeping their plants hydrated. Established in the spring of 2013, our prayer is that the Benton Community Garden might bless the community for generations to come. 

Public Charter School

Founded by The Hope Center in 2011, Hope Leadership Academy is the only neighborhood elementary school in our community. Utilizing the best research techniques and currently serves up to 130 students.  

Hope Leadership Academy

Proposed Family Life Event Center
"Bringing Community Together"

As we continue to develop a healthy, hopeful and sustainable community, unique and inspirational spaces are necessary for bringing the community together as well as providing encouragement, equipment, and enrichment.


This church building, completed in 1924, would serve as the Family Life Event Center to host a number of family events; community meetings; church off-site trainings; business meetings and outreach programs to bring children, youth, and families together.


We are currently raising resources through a capital campaign for the remodeling of this phenomenal structure to, once again, meet the needs of the heart and the renewal of the mind.

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